2017 NZAGE Employer & Candidate Survey

The 2015 survey has been refreshed to capture business critical data in a format which is compact, user-friendly and tailored to our New Zealand market. The survey has been developed to provide comprehensive insights into a range of key factors that drive the attraction, recruitment and selection strategies of New Zealand graduate employers. You will be able to complete this within 15-20 minutes.


Graduate Survey

The Graduate Survey is designed to survey all candidates who have been offered a graduate/internship position with an employer. Hence, you can use this survey to collect feedback from your own candidates who have been offered a graduate role or position on your graduate program. The Survey collects data on a range of issues including: factors influencing choice of employer; most used sources of careers information; reasons for accepting/declining graduate positions; expected length of stay with new employer and views on the best employer in each market sector.

In order to participate, you simply need to forward a communication e-mail to all candidates who have been offered a graduate, intern, vacation or co-op position to start later this year or early in the year. It should also include the graduates that declined your offer as well.  We encourage employers to forward the e-mail to your candidates as soon as possible, so that we can capture their views whilst they are still fresh. 


Employer Survey

The Employer Survey is designed to survey all New Zealand employers who hire graduates, no matter what capacity the graduate/s or youth are hired (i.e. entry level role or graduate programme). The Survey collects data on a range of issues including: most used and most effective attraction strategies; what section techniques an organisation uses (i.e interview, testing, assessment centre) and how employers keep in touch and onboard new graduates or students into junior roles.

In order to participate, you simply need to complete the link sent out to each NZAGE member. The survey is simple and should take someone on longer than 10-20min to complete. If you are not an NZAGE Employer Member and would like to participate in completing this survey please contact our Administrator to be added to the email invite list.


Who else takes part?

A large number of New Zealand and Australian employers who regularly hire graduates, interns or offer clerkships as well as employers who ad-hoc tertiary students into entry level roles.


Industry specific graduate insight reports now available!

In response to a number of requests for industry insight reports, we are now able to offer industry reports for the following sectors:

  • Banking and Insurance,
  • Engineering Consulting,
  • Law,
  • Professional Services,
  • Public,
  • Technology

Discover how your organisation is trending versus others in your industry.  The industry specific report provides insights from graduates who are currently working in graduate roles and offers feedback on attraction, selection and development.  By cutting the data by industry, you can ensure you are drawing insights directly from the organisations you are competing most closely with for graduate talent.