In October, the New Zealand Association of Graduate Employers (NZAGE) hosted an online forum with EY New Zealand (EY) – winners of the 2022 Industry Award for ‘Best Graduate Campaign’. They shared valuable information and insights with over 40 NZAGE members, shedding light on their award-winning submission.

The EY organisation is committed to providing an exceptional experience to its people. This
experience is built on a strong promise for early talent – “Your future is bright. It’s yours to build.”

The core idea behind this campaign is that they offer its people – opportunities, scale, technology, learning, and a unique culture, but it’s the people themselves who make the exceptional experience happen.



Jacqui McKeown who leads the Employer Brand team introduced the campaign, emphasising the role of EY people, culture, and technology in empowering new recruits. The global reach and the challenges they tackle for clients provide invaluable learning experiences. The lifelong relationships formed contribute to personal and professional growth. It’s all about seizing the opportunity to build your own exceptional experience.
The campaign’s thought-provoking questions revolve around training and development. When students join the EY organisation, they have the chance to personalise their careers. Research shows that many students choose professional services organisations because of the robust learning and development programmes that are available to them.



The campaign imagery is designed to reflect the energy and vibrancy of the Gen Z generation. They incorporated movement, energy, and light to signify a bright future. The sun serves as a symbol of hope, representing where students are now and where they could be in their careers. This approach aligns perfectly with the campaign message of “Your future is bright. It’s yours to build.”

One crucial aspect of the campaign was the campaign video, aimed at bringing the key messages to life. The video emphasises that students will have access to experiences, learning, skills, and qualifications, allowing them to shape their careers. Balancing the corporate and authentic aspects was essential to maintain authenticity, as Gen Z’s value real, unscripted experiences.

Their internal creative services team played a pivotal role in bringing the campaign to life. Their collaboration ensured that the campaign was consistent and aligned with the EY organisation brand guidelines.

Natasha Salanitro-Chafei then explained the marketing collateral they created to promote the campaign. From digital and print flyers to degree finders and digital flyouts, they aimed to provide students with all the information they needed to make informed choices about their careers. The degree finder page received over 2,000 visits, highlighting its value in guiding students towards the right path to assist them with their application.
In addition to these materials, they also developed branded merchandise, focusing on practical, environmentally friendly items that would resonate with their audience such as water bottles, tote bags, bamboo pens and eco cutlery sets.

To reach students, a series of events was organised, including learning about careers in STEM, finding out more about their business areas of strategy and transactions, assurance, technology, consulting, and tax. A four-part event series called “A Brighter You” was designed to prepare students for applying to their student programmes, with a mix of virtual and face-to-face events.

Emma Jones explained the digital strategy that was used throughout the campaign. Their social media strategy played a significant role in reaching Gen Z. They used platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, creating content that resonated with their audience. Gen Z values authentic, in-the-moment content, which was delivered through stories and reels. Paid advertising campaigns were also a part of their strategy, but the focus was on targeting specific student segments and relevant degree areas to build brand awareness.

The 2022 campus recruitment campaign’s success can be attributed to its authenticity, the power of thought-provoking questions, a strong social media strategy, and a wide array of marketing collateral. By offering students the opportunity to build their own exceptional experience, they have not only attracted top talent but also created a campaign that sets a benchmark for campus recruitment. With its commitment to personal and professional growth, the organisation empowers the next generation of professionals.

Congratulations EY New Zealand!

The NZAGE 2023 Industry Awards have recently closed. Winners will be announced at the NZAGE 2023 Awards and Summit held in Auckland November 28th and 29th. See further details and buy tickets here: Upcoming Events – NZAGE

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