Unlocking the Full Potential of Your NZAGE Membership

At NZAGE, our mission is to educate and support New Zealand organisations in delivering exceptional graduate talent programmes. To achieve this mission, we rely on the active participation and engagement of our members like you. By maximising the benefits of your NZAGE membership, you play a vital role in helping us fulfil our mission. In June we held a survey spotlight event, in conjunction with NZAGE sponsors Talent Solutions, to discuss how to maximise your membership.

Understanding Membership:

Membership in NZAGE falls under two categories: employer members and associate members. Employer members are organisations that recruit apprenticeships, interns, and/or graduates. On the other hand, associate members comprise of educational institutions or service providers in the early talent industry. The separation of employer and associate memberships ensures clarity and a streamlined experience for all our members.

Both employer and associate members enjoy a range of benefits. These include access to forum and award events, networking opportunities, and, for employers, access to the membership list. While certain events may be exclusively for employer members, most events are open to all members.

Each year we run four surveys – intern, graduate, employer, and salary, these surveys – proudly powered by our major sponsor Talent Solutions, play a crucial role in gathering valuable data to facilitate informed decision-making.  Increased participation leads to better data collection, benefiting everyone involved and enabling informed decisions regarding graduate programmes.

The Importance of Survey Participation:

One of the key advantages of NZAGE membership is access to survey reports. Employer members who actively participate in the surveys receive these reports for free. Non-participating employer members and associate members have the option to purchase the reports at a cost. Non-members cannot access or purchase these reports.

Survey Participation and Cost:

Survey participation involves submitting a response to the survey. Employer members who do not participate in the surveys can purchase them at a price of $399 plus GST per survey. This cost also applies to associate members and non-participating employer members.

To address common queries, here are a few frequently asked questions:

  • Access to Survey Reports: Employer members who participate in a survey gain free access to the specific survey report. Additional reports can be purchased at a discounted rate. Associate members, on the other hand, do not automatically receive survey reports but can purchase them at the discounted member rate.
  • Reports for Non-Participants: If you have not completed a survey, you will need to purchase the report to access the data.
  • Survey Access for Non-Members: Non-members can participate in the surveys but are not able to purchase reports.
  • Bespoke Reports: When at least 10 graduates participate in a survey, the opportunity for bespoke reports arises. These reports provide detailed comparisons and organisation-specific insights.


Importance of Survey Participation:

To make the most of your membership, active participation in the surveys is crucial. Your input contributes to valuable data collection that benefits the entire industry. The survey reports offer benchmarking opportunities and insights into salary culture, diversity strategies, remote working, and more. By analysing trends and reports over time, employers can establish benchmarks and compare their organisation’s performance to industry standards. This process helps identify areas for improvement, measure return on investment, and engage in meaningful discussions with the business. Employers can gain insights into salary culture, diversity strategies, and other industry practices, allowing them to refine and enhance their programmes. By participating, you contribute to the growth and success of the industry as a whole.

To encourage higher survey participation rates, certain strategies can be employed (such as a morning tea shout for graduates!) but personalised appeals that explain the purpose of the survey and emphasise its potential to improve programmes and provide valuable insights can also motivate participants.

The data collected through surveys is used for various purposes, including securing funding, making programme adjustments, and building business cases. The survey results provide a sense of the industry landscape, inform decision-making, and support the case for graduate programmes. By utilising survey data, employers can secure necessary resources and make informed decisions to enhance their programmes. All data collected through surveys is treated as confidential, with personal information limited to the involved organisations. Reports present the data in an aggregated format to ensure anonymity. Bespoke reports provide organisation-specific details and benchmark them against the overall population. This approach allows for the identification of industry trends and provides valuable insights for decision-making.

Participating in surveys and utilising the resulting reports is essential for maximising the benefits of your NZAGE membership. Surveys offer benchmarking opportunities, insights into industry practices, and data-driven decision-making. By actively engaging in surveys, employers can continuously improve their programmes and support their interns and graduates. Through collaboration and investment in graduate talent, the industry can foster growth and set individuals on the path to long-term success.

If you have any questions about your membership or would like to join the NZAGE please reach out to us at info@nzage.co.nz. You can also find further information on the membership tab of the NZAGE website here: NZAGE – New Zealand Association of Graduate Employers.

You can download the PDF slidedeck of the survey spotlight event here: PDF Slidedeck: NZAGE Survey

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